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India’s first ‘test tube’ Banni buffalo calf born in Gujarat

India's first 'test tube' Banni buffalo calf born in Gujarat_4.1

The first IVF calf of “Banni” breed of buffaloes, found primarily in Gujarat’s Kutch region, was born at a farmer’s house in the state’s Gir Somnath district. The process was carried out to enhance the number of genetically superior buffaloes to increase milk production. Banni buffalo is known for its resilience and higher milk-producing capacity in an arid environment.

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The breed had achieved six pregnancies from 18 recipient buffaloes at his farm, which were implanted with embryos through IVF technology, and the process was carried out by JKBovagenix of NGO JK Trust. India has more than 109 million buffaloes that are 56 per cent of the world’s buffalo population.

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India's first 'test tube' Banni buffalo calf born in Gujarat_5.1

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