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India’s Progress Recognized: Removed from UN Secretary-General’s Report on Impact of Armed Conflict on Children

India has been removed from the UN Secretary-General’s annual report on the impact of armed conflict on children, signaling the country’s improved measures to protect children. The decision by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres acknowledges India’s commitment to child protection and highlights the positive outcomes of its technical mission and a workshop on strengthening child protection. This development marks a significant milestone for India, which had been included in the report since 2010.

India’s Inclusion and Previous Concerns:

Initially, India was listed in the report alongside other countries such as Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Lake Chad Basin, Nigeria, Pakistan, and the Philippines. The inclusion of India was based on allegations of armed groups recruiting young boys in Jammu and Kashmir and the detainment of boys by security forces due to their association with such groups.

Engagement and Collaborative Efforts:

In the previous report, Secretary-General Guterres commended the Indian government’s engagement with his special representative, expressing optimism about India’s removal from the list of concerns. The latest report on Children and Armed Conflict in 2023 confirms India’s removal, attributing it to the government’s proactive measures to protect children. Guterres also recognizes a workshop organized by India in Jammu and Kashmir in November 2022, which saw the participation of the United Nations.

India’s Commitment and Collaboration:

Virginia Gamba, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, acknowledged India’s close collaboration with the United Nations over the past two years. This collaboration demonstrates India’s dedication to prevention and the establishment of sustainable measures to safeguard children.

Global Scenario:

Disproportionate Impact on Children: Globally, children continue to bear a disproportionate brunt of armed conflict, as highlighted in Guterres’ annual report. In 2022, the United Nations verified a staggering 27,180 grave violations, encompassing 24,300 violations committed during that year and an additional 2,880 violations committed earlier but verified in 2022. These violations affected 18,890 children across 24 situations and one regional monitoring arrangement. The report underscores the prevalence of grave violations such as killing, maiming, recruitment and use, abduction, and detention of children.

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