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India’s represent his Contingent for the Asian Para Games


India is set to be well-represented at the fourth Asian Para Games scheduled to take place in Hangzhou, China, from October 22 to 28. The nation is sending a robust contingent of 446 members, including 303 athletes, demonstrating a commitment to para sports.

Ministry’s Support

The Sports Ministry of India has played a pivotal role in this endeavor by sanctioning the participation of 303 sportspersons, comprising 191 male and 112 female athletes. This support underscores India’s dedication to promoting para sports and creating opportunities for athletes with disabilities.

Diverse Sporting Disciplines

India’s contingent spans across 17 different sporting disciplines. This diverse representation reflects the nation’s intention to excel in various sports and showcases the talent and dedication of para athletes.

Involvement of Coaches and Support Staff

In addition to the athletes, the Sports Ministry has also approved the participation of 143 coaches, escorts, officials, and support staff. Their involvement is crucial in providing guidance and support to the athletes, ensuring they have the best conditions to compete.

Athletics Dominance

Out of the 303 athletes representing India, a significant portion, 123, will participate in athletics events. This strong presence in athletics demonstrates the depth of talent and potential that India possesses in this sporting discipline.

Historic Contingent

This year’s Asian Para Games will witness India fielding its largest-ever contingent. In the previous edition held in Jakarta, India was represented by 190 athletes across 13 sporting events. This dedicated group returned with a remarkable tally of 72 medals, which included an impressive 15 gold medals.

India’s participation in the fourth Asian Para Games showcases the nation’s commitment to promoting inclusivity in sports and supporting para-athletes in their pursuit of excellence. This strong contingent symbolizes India’s aspiration to conquer new heights in para-sporting events.

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