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IndiGo joins WEF’s “Clear Skies for Tomorrow” sustainability campaign

Clear Skies for Tomorrow: IndiGo, the largest airline in the nation, announced that it has joined a sustainable effort led by the World Economic Forum (WEF). IndiGo airline has joined the Clear Skies for Tomorrow, India Coalition initiative as a signatory. IndiGo’s dedication to deploying sustainable initiatives would help to achieve a substantial scale for SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) to attain a critical mass and bring in cost-efficiency for wide adoption in India.

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IndiGo joins WEF’s “Clear Skies for Tomorrow”: Key Points

  • On February 18 of this year, IndiGo flew its brand-new A320 neo aircraft with a 10% SAF blend from Toulouse, France, to New Delhi.
  • A meaningful and proactive path for the industry to achieve carbon-neutral flying is provided by ‘Clean Skies for Tomorrow’, which was launched in January 2019.
  • Clear Skies for Tomorrow offers a crucial mechanism for top executives and public leaders, across and beyond the aviation value chain, to align on a transition to sustainable aviation fuels.
  • To support aviation’s overall net-zero pathway by 2050, the objective of ‘Clear Skies for Tomorrow’ is to establish commercially feasible SAF production (both bio and synthetic) at scale for industry adoption by 2030.

IndiGo: Important Takeaways For All Competitive Exams

  • CEO of InterGlobe Aviation Limited which operates IndiGo: Ronojoy “Rono” Dutta

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