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IndiGo Unveils AI-Powered Chat Assistant “6Eskai” After Air India


IndiGo, India’s largest airline, announced on Monday the launch of its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered chat assistant named “6Eskai.” This innovative tool is designed to cater to customer inquiries in a diverse range of languages, marking a significant step forward in enhancing customer service in the aviation industry.

Following Air India’s Lead

  • IndiGo’s move comes in the wake of Air India’s introduction of its own AI-powered chat assistant, “Maharaja,” on November 10.
  • While Maharaja utilizes Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service, 6Eskai is powered by the advanced technology of Microsoft’s GPT-4, demonstrating the rapid evolution and adoption of AI in the aviation sector.

Versatile Capabilities of 6Eskai

  • This AI chat assistant is proficient in performing various tasks, including ticket bookings, applying promotional discounts, managing addons, facilitating web check-ins, assisting with seat selection, helping plan trips, answering frequently asked questions (FAQs), and connecting customers with human agents when necessary.
  • The capabilities of 6Eskai extend beyond conventional customer service functions. Notably, 6Eskai is not limited to written or typed interactions but also comprehends verbal instructions through speech-to-text models.

Impressive Efficiency Metrics

  • IndiGo reported early results from the soft launch of 6Eskai, indicating a remarkable 75% reduction in the workload of customer service agents.
  • This showcases the efficiency and effectiveness of the AI-powered chat assistant in handling a substantial volume of customer queries.

Simplified Booking Process

  • One standout feature highlighted by IndiGo is the simplicity 6Eskai brings to the booking process.
  • Using natural language conversations, the chat assistant guides customers seamlessly through the end-to-end booking journey, contributing to an enhanced user experience.

Air India’s Success with Maharaja

  • Air India, in its November 10 announcement, revealed that Maharaja has successfully addressed over half a million customer queries since its pilot launch in March 2023.
  • Currently managing over 6,000 queries daily across four languages, Maharaja’s scope covers a wide array of customer concerns, including flight status, baggage allowances, packing restrictions, check-in procedures, frequent flyer awards, airport lounge access, flight changes, refunds, and more.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. Which leading Indian airline has introduced an AI-powered chat assistant designed to manage customer inquiries in multiple languages?

Answer: IndiGo.

2. What is the name of the AI-powered chat assistant introduced by IndiGo for managing customer inquiries in various languages?

Answer: “6Eskai”

3. Who currently serves as the CEO of IndiGo?

Answer: Pieter Elbers.

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