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Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau Volcano Erupts

Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau volcano, situated in the Sundra Strait, unleashed a powerful eruption on Tuesday morning, casting a volcanic ash cloud approximately 1 km high into the sky. The event, monitored by the volcano’s Observation Post, marks a continuation of heightened volcanic activity since April last year, underscoring the growing concern over the volcano’s potential danger.

The Eruption

At 06:29 am local time, Anak Krakatau erupted for 130 seconds, releasing a column of ash that reached a significant height. Observation Post Officer Anggi Nuryo Saputro reported that the ash was observed to be gray to black in color and intensity was notably thick towards the north. The eruption was accompanied by prevailing winds carrying the ash in a northerly direction.

Volcanic Activity Trend

Anak Krakatau, born in June 1927, has experienced a steady increase in volcanic activity over the years, resulting in the enlargement of its body and an elevation of up to 157 meters above sea level. The escalating activity prompted authorities to elevate its danger status to the third-highest level in April of the previous years, signifying a significant risk to surrounding areas.

Historical Context

The recent eruption brings back haunting memories of the catastrophic events in 2018 when Anak Krakatau’s eruption triggered a devastating tsunami. The tsunami claimed the lives of over 400 people and displaced thousands, emphasizing the volatile nature of the volcano and the potential risks it poses to the region.

Monitoring and Preparedness

Indonesian authorities are actively monitoring Anak Krakatau and its surrounding areas to assess the impact of the recent eruption. With the volcano’s dangerous status, local communities are urged to stay vigilant and precautionary measures are being implemented to ensure the safety of residents in the vicinity.

International Response

The eruption of Anak Krakatau raises concerns not only at the national level but also internationally, as neighboring countries keep a watchful eye on potential ash clouds that could affect air travel and weather patterns. Coordination and information-sharing among regional authorities become crucial in managing the aftermath and mitigating potential risks.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q1. When did the recent eruption of Anak Krakatau occur?

Sol. The eruption occurred on November 28 at 06:29 am local time.

Q2. How high was the volcanic ash could cast into the sky?

Sol. The volcanic ash could reach approximately 1 km in height.

Q3. What is the elevation of Anak Krakatau above sea level?

Sol. Anak Krakatau’s elevation is up to 157 meters above sea level.

Q4. What devastating event occurred in 2018 related to Anak Krakatau?

Sol. Anak Krakatau’s eruption in 2018 triggered a devastating tsunami that claimed over 400 lives and displaced thousands.

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