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IndusInd Bank’s Pilot Program with RBI’s Programmable CBDC: Revolutionizing Agricultural Finance

IndusInd Bank, in collaboration with Circularity Innovation Hub India Private Limited (CIH), has achieved a significant milestone by successfully executing the Reserve Bank of India’s pilot program on programmable Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). This pioneering initiative aims to revolutionize agricultural finance by targeting farmers for carbon credit generation.

Pilot Project Details

In this pilot project, IndusInd Bank programmed the CBDC to facilitate fund disbursement with a specific focus on aiding farmers in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra. The bank initiated disbursements to 50 farmers initially, with plans to extend the program to cover approximately 1,000 farmers. Notably, this program marks the first-of-its-kind initiative where CBDC funds are directed towards promoting sustainable practices in agriculture, particularly in carbon credit generation.

Collaborative Efforts for Impact

IndusInd Bank, alongside CIH and other partners, spearheaded this initiative with a multi-faceted approach. Hindustan Agro and Jackfruit King Company played pivotal roles in engaging farmers and linking sustainable practices to additional revenue streams. Emertech Innovations developed a Blockchain-backed platform to ensure transparency and traceability in the generation and disbursement of revenues from Circularity Credits.

Future Prospects and Commitment

Sumant Kathpalia, Managing Director & Chief Executive of IndusInd Bank, expressed pride in the bank’s role in driving the programmable CBDC initiative. The collaborative effort reflects a commitment to advancing both economic growth and environmental sustainability. Joel Michael, founder and CEO of CIH, emphasized the significance of empowering farmers and contributing positively to climate change. Bharat Dhokane Patil, Executive Chairman of Hindustan Agro, highlighted the initiative’s impact on the agricultural sector and its alignment with social and environmental goals.

Through this innovative pilot program, IndusInd Bank and its partners aim to scale the initiative nationwide, ultimately benefiting farmers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

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