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INS Sandhayak: A New Chapter in India’s Naval Mapping and Surveillance

On February 3, Visakhapatnam’s Naval Dockyard will witness a momentous occasion as Defence Minister Rajnath Singh presides over the commissioning ceremony of INS Sandhayak. This event marks a significant addition to the Indian Navy’s capabilities, reinforcing its presence in the Indian Ocean Region. Distinguished guests, including Chief of Naval Staff Admiral R. Hari Kumar and senior officials from the navy and the Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers (GRSE), will be in attendance to celebrate this milestone.

INS Sandhayak: Design and Capabilities

Built by the GRSE in Kolkata, the 110-meter-long INS Sandhayak displaces about 3,800 tonnes and boasts an impressive 80 percent indigenous content. This showcases India’s growing proficiency in self-reliant defense manufacturing, aligning with the “Make in India” initiative. The ship is propelled by two robust diesel engines, ensuring she can reach speeds over 18 Knots. With an endurance of over 25 days, INS Sandhayak is well-equipped for extended missions.

A Reincarnation with Enhanced Features

The new INS Sandhayak is not the first vessel to bear this name; it follows in the wake of its predecessor, which was decommissioned on June 4, 2021. However, this reincarnation brings with it enhanced features and capabilities, making it a formidable asset for the Indian Navy. The ship’s primary role in hydrographic surveying and oceanographic studies will play a crucial part in mapping waters, assisting in navigation safety, and contributing to India’s maritime security and sovereignty.

Strategic Importance in the Indian Ocean Region

INS Sandhayak’s commissioning is timely, given the strategic importance of the Indian Ocean Region in global maritime routes. The ship’s advanced mapping and surveillance capabilities will bolster India’s efforts to maintain a vigilant eye over this crucial maritime domain. It enhances India’s capacity for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations, further establishing its role as a responsible regional power committed to ensuring maritime safety and security.


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