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International Chess Day: 20 July

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The International Chess Day is celebrated annually on July 20, since 1966, to celebrate one of the most ancient and most popular games in history that promote fairness, equality, mutual respect and understanding among nations. It was on this day that the International Chess Federation (FIDE) was founded, in 1924. The idea to celebrate the day as the international chess day was proposed by UNESCO. This day has been celebrated in as many as 178 countries, and a resolution officially recognizing it was signed by the United Nations in 2019.

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About the chess:

  • Invented in India in the fifth century, this board game was originally named “Chaturanga”. Chess is likely one of the oldest games of this era. After the development of the game in India, it eventually spread to Persia.
  • The first modern chess tournament was held in London in 1851 and won by German Adolf Anderssen. On July 20, 1924, at the eighth summer Olympic games in Paris, France, the FIDE (World Chess Federation) was founded.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • World Chess Federation Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland;
  • World Chess Federation Founded: 20 July 1924, Paris, France;
  • World Chess Federation CEO: Geoffrey D. Borg.

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