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International Jazz Day 2024 Celebrated Annually on April 30th

International Jazz Day, celebrated annually on April 30th, is a global event that celebrates the power of jazz to bring people together and promote peace, unity, and intercultural dialogue. This year marks a significant milestone as the city of Tangier, Morocco becomes the first African host city for the global celebration.

Maiden Voyage to Africa

The 2024 edition of International Jazz Day will be celebrated in more than 190 countries, with the city of Tangier serving as the Global Host. This marks the first time a city on the African continent has hosted the event, highlighting the rich cultural heritage and jazz traditions of the region.

Tangier, a melting pot of cultural expressions, is located at the crossroads of Europe and Africa. The city boasts a long, rich history of jazz and is known for its jazz heritage, having hosted numerous world-renowned jazz artists over the years, including Josephine Baker, Ornette Coleman, Archie Shepp, Herbie Mann, and the jazz master pianist Randy Weston.

Celebrating Jazz Heritage

The four-day celebration, from April 27-30, emphasizes Tangier’s jazz heritage and highlights the cultural and artistic ties between people in Morocco, Europe, and Africa. The event includes a series of education programs, events for students of all ages, and conversations about the history of jazz and its impact on Tangier.

The culminating All-Star Global Concert will take place at the new Palace of Arts and Culture of Tangier and will be broadcast via YouTube, Facebook, the United Nations, and UNESCO to millions of viewers worldwide.

Music of Improvisation and Collective Creation

International Jazz Day raises awareness in the international community of the virtues of jazz as a force for peace, unity, dialogue, and enhanced cooperation among people, as well as an educational tool. Many governments, civil society organizations, educational institutions, and private citizens embrace the opportunity to foster greater appreciation for jazz and its contribution to building more inclusive societies.

Jazz is celebrated for its ability to break down barriers, create opportunities for mutual understanding and tolerance, promote freedom of expression, reduce tensions between individuals and communities, foster gender equality, reinforce the role of youth in social change, encourage artistic innovation and improvisation, and stimulate intercultural dialogue.

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