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International Mountain Day 2022: 11 December

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International Mountain Day 2022

International Mountain Day is celebrated annually on December 11 to increase public awareness of the value of mountains to both life and climate. The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) established International Mountain Day to recognise the importance of mountains. International Mountains Day has played an important role in addressing the issue of mountain ecology. It also has an impact on mountain tourism. Mountain tourism has grown in popularity over the years. People express a desire to visit the mountains rather than the lowlands.

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International Mountain Day 2022: Theme

The theme of this year’s International Mountain Day (IMD) is ‘Women Move Mountains.’ Women play a key role in mountains’ environmental protection and social and economic development. They are often the primary managers of mountain resources, guardians of biodiversity, keepers of traditional knowledge, custodians of local culture, and experts in traditional medicine.

International Mountain Day: History

The day came into existence in 2003. The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development accepted Chapter 13 of Agenda 21: Managing Fragile Ecosystems: Sustainable Mountain Development in 1992. With such widespread support, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2002 to be the “United Nations International Year of Mountains.” The group determined that beginning in 2003, December 11 would be designated as World Mountain Day annually.

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