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ISRO-developed device for fishers’ safety successfully tested at Neendakara

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has achieved a significant milestone by successfully testing its innovative device named ‘Nabhmitra’. This device, developed at ISRO’s Space Applications Centre in Ahmedabad, aims to enhance the safety of fishermen during their sea expeditions. The successful testing took place at Neendakara, where the device was installed on a fishing vessel, and its capabilities were assessed in the presence of both scientists and officials from the Fisheries department.

Satellite-Based Communication for Fisher Safety

ISRO-developed device for fishers’ safety successfully tested at Neendakara
ISRO-developed device for fishers’ safety successfully tested at Neendakara

Nabhmitra operates on the basis of advanced satellite communication technology, allowing seamless two-way messaging between fishing boats and maritime authorities stationed at sea. This breakthrough technology greatly improves the communication channels and safety measures available to fishermen during their voyages.

ISRO’s Nabhmitra device: Key Features and Functions

  1. Weather and Cyclone Warnings: The device facilitates the transmission of critical weather updates and cyclone warnings to fishing boats in the local language. This enables fishermen to stay informed about potentially hazardous conditions and make informed decisions regarding their operations.

  2. Distress Messages: Fishermen can now send distress messages to the authorities in case of emergencies. Whether facing challenges like capsizing or fires, fishermen can activate the distress signal with a single button press, immediately alerting the control center about their situation.
  3. Emergency Connectivity: Upon receiving a distress signal, the control center is immediately notified, including the precise location of the distressed fishing boat. Simultaneously, the boat’s crew receives a response message from the control center, assuring them that help is on the way.
  4. Navigational Assistance: In addition to safety features, Nabhmitra also serves as a valuable navigational tool. It provides vital information about shipping channels and maritime boundaries, assisting fishermen in navigating safely through often challenging waters.
  5. Fishing Field Identification: The device’s capabilities extend beyond safety concerns. Nabhmitra aids in the identification of fishing fields, contributing to more effective and productive fishing operations.

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