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ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 Mission Awarded the Prestigious John L. “Jack” Swigert, Jr. Award for Space Exploration

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)’s Chandrayaan-3 mission team has been awarded the 2024 John L. “Jack” Swigert, Jr. Award for Space Exploration by the US-based Space Foundation. This prestigious award is given to recognize the remarkable achievements of a space agency, company, or consortium in the realm of space exploration and discovery.

Chandrayaan-3 Mission: India’s Remarkable Lunar Feat

The Chandrayaan-3 mission, launched by ISRO on July 14, 2023, was a groundbreaking achievement for India. The mission consisted of a lander named Vikram and a rover named Pragyan, and it successfully landed at the unexplored south pole of the moon on August 23, 2023. This made India the first country in the world to land a lunar module at the south pole of the moon.

Honoring ISRO’s Ingenuity and Leadership

The Space Foundation, in presenting the John L. “Jack” Swigert, Jr. Award for Space Exploration to the Chandrayaan-3 team, recognized the exceptional technical and engineering achievements of the mission. The Foundation highlighted the unquestioned leadership and ingenuity of the people of India in the global space ecosystem, showcasing their remarkable contribution to space exploration.

The Legacy of John L. “Jack” Swigert, Jr.

The John L. “Jack” Swigert, Jr. Award for Space Exploration was instituted by the Space Foundation in 2004, in memory of John L. “Jack” Swigert, Jr., who was part of NASA’s Apollo 13 mission to the moon. The mission was aborted due to a leakage in the spacecraft’s oxygen tank, but Swigert’s quick thinking and problem-solving skills helped the crew safely return to Earth.

The Space Foundation and its Commitment to Space Exploration

The Space Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1983, dedicated to the global space ecosystem. It offers collaboration, information sharing, and education to further the advancement of space exploration and discovery. The annual Space Symposium, organized by the Foundation, brings together the leaders of the global space community.

ISRO: India’s Premier Space Agency

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was set up by the Government of India on August 15, 1969, as the country’s premier space agency. ISRO was previously known as the Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR), established in 1962. Under the leadership of its first chairman, Vikram Sarabhai, ISRO has grown to become a world-renowned space agency, with a focus on science, engineering, and technology to harness the benefits of outer space for India and mankind.

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