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Issues with Green Hydrogen

India, the interest of producing green hydrogen has been increasing which is hydrogen produced using renewable energy sources. Green house significantly reduce green-house gas emission as it does not contain any carbon dioxide when burned.

Green Hydrogen:

The production of green hydrogen through electrolysis involves the use of water as the primary element which is used to produce electric current from renewable energy source in order to break it into oxygen and hydrogen gas.

Hydrogen produced through electrolysis is 100% sustainable source of energy as it does not emit any harmful gas or cause any kind of environmental pollution during the production process.

Use of Green Hydrogen

Some of the common uses of green hydrogen are:

  • Green hydrogen is used in the chemical industries for manufacturing ammonia and fertilizers.
  • Green hydrogen is also used in the petrochemical industries to produce petroleum products.
  • Green hydrogen is also starting to be used in steel industries, a sector which is under considerable pressure in Europe because of its polluting effect.

Green Hydrogen in Domestic Use

With regard to use of green hydrogen as domestic purposes, several projects are underway to replace the natural gas network with a green hydrogen network that provides electricity and heat to households without producing pollutants emission.

Significance of Green Hydrogen

  • Green Hydrogen energy is vital for India to meet its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) Target and ensure regional energy security, access and security.
  • Green hydrogen used as an energy storage option which would be essential to meet the future requirements.
  • Production of green hydrogen will help in reducing India’s dependency to import fossil-fuels.
  • The localisation of electrolyser production and the development of green hydrogen can create a new green technologies market in India worth USD 18-20 billion and thousands of jobs.

Challenges related to Green Hydrogen

  • The main challenge in the production of green hydrogen is high cost of production. The production of green hydrogen is more expensive than producing hydrogen through any fossil fuel.
  • There is a lack of infrastructure in India for the production, storage and distribution of the green hydrogen which includes lack of refuelling stations and pipelines for transporting hydrogen.
  • Due to lack of awareness and understanding of green hydrogen among the general public, there is limited adoption of this technology in India.
  • Extraction of green hydrogen is one of the biggest challenge facing by the industry for using hydrogen commercially.

Steps to promote the use of Green Hydrogen

  • In order to reduce the production cost of green hydrogen it is necessary to increase the capacity to generate renewable energy sources in India.
  • There is a need to develop infrastructure for the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen.
  • The government by implementing regulatory incentives, such as tax credits and subsides to promote the use of green hydrogen in India.
  • It is important to make general public aware about the benefits of green hydrogen.

    Indian Landscape for Green Hydrogen

  • In November, 2022 PM announced his plan to launch a comprehensive National Hydrogen Energy Mission at the 3rd Global RE-invest Conference with an aim to reduce India’s carbon emission by 5 million tonnes by 2030.
  • The Green Hydrogen Policy was notified by the Ministry of Power on February 17, 2022 to regulate and facilitate the transition from fossil fuels to green hydrogen.

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