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Italy Withdraws from China’s Belt and Road Project

Italy has officially withdrawn from China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) marking a significant departure from its previous stance as the only G7 nation to participate. This move comes more than four years after Italy initially joined the initiative in 2019 under the government of then Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. The decision was long-anticipated and signals a strategic shift in Italy’s approach to its relationship with China and the broader global geopolitical landscape.


The Belt and Road Initiative, spearheaded by Chinese President Xi Jinping, aims to enhance China’s influence globally by investing in infrastructure projects across participating countries. With over 150 nations reportedly joining the initiative, it has become a cornerstone of China’s efforts to expand its economic and political clout internationally. However, the initiative has faced criticism for alleged debt-trap diplomacy and concerns about China’s growing influence in participating countries.

Italy’s Initial Participation

Italy’s decision to join the BRI in 2019 raised eyebrows, especially among its European Union (EU) and G7 counterparts. The move was seen by some as an attempt by China to buy political influence in a major European economy. However, Italy’s then-government, led by Prime Minister Conte, viewed it as an opportunity for economic growth and cooperation with China.

Prime Minister Meloni’s Opposition

The current Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni and her hard-right government have long been critical of Italy’s involvement in the Belt and Road Initiative. Meloni, who assumed office in October 2022, expressed concerns about the initiative’s limited benefits for Italy and its potential to compromise the country’s relations with other Western nations. Her administration was also cautious about provoking Beijing and risking retaliation against Italian companies.

Withdrawal Process

Italy’s withdrawal from the Belt and Road Initiative was officially communicated to Beijing three days ago, according to sources. While an official statement is yet to be released by either party, an Italian government source confirmed the decision, emphasizing the importance of maintaining open channels for political dialogue. The withdrawal comes ahead of the automatic renewal deadline in March 2024, demonstrating Italy’s proactive approach in reshaping its international engagements.

Global Concerns and Perspectives

The Belt and Road Initiative has been a source of contention globally, with Western nations expressing concerns about China’s potential to reshape the global orders to its advantage. Italy’s exit adds to a growing list of countries reevaluating their participation, raising questions about the initiative’s long-term sustainability. Washington has also warned about potential military implications, suggesting China could use BRI investments as a pretext to establish military bases worldwide.

 Important Questions Related to Exams

Q1. Why did Italy withdraw from China’s Belt and Road Initiative?

Sol. Italy withdrew due to concerns about limited benefits and potential compromise of relations with Western nations.

Q2. Who spearheaded the Belt and Road Initiative?

Sol. Chinese President Xi Jinping spearheaded the Belt and Road Initiative.

Q3. What criticism has the BRI faced globally?

Sol. The BRI has faced criticism for alleged debt-trap diplomacy and concerns about China’s growing influence.

Q4. When did Italy initially join the Belt and Road Initiative?

Sol. Italy joined the BRI in 2019 under the government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

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