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JAG Corps Day Marks 40 Years of Judicial Excellence

Introduction: JAG Corps Day

The Judge Advocate General (JAG) Department, the distinguished judicial and legal arm of the Indian Army, commemorates a momentous occasion – its 40th Corps Day on December 21, 2023. This celebration resonates with the historic introduction of the Bill for the Army Act in Parliament in 1949, a defining moment that laid the groundwork for the legal dispensation within the military.

Steering Legal Matters: JAG Department’s Vital Role

At the heart of military jurisprudence, the JAG Department plays a pivotal role in handling military-related disciplinary cases and litigation. Serving as the legal advisor to the Chief of Army Staff, the Judge Advocate General provides counsel on matters of military, martial, and international law. Simultaneously, the department collaborates with the Adjutant General, contributing to the maintenance of discipline through the application of military law.

Evolution and New Responsibilities

In an exclusive message broadcasted on Akashvani, Judge Advocate General Maj Gen Sandeep Kumar sheds light on the department’s evolving responsibilities. With the enactment of the Inter-Services Organisation (Command, Control & Discipline) Act 2023, the JAG Department shoulders the responsibility of fostering greater integration and jointness among the three Services, underscoring a progressive step towards enhanced military coordination.

Adapting to Legislative Changes

Addressing the recent legislative changes, especially the passage of Criminal Law Bills replacing IPC, CrPC, and Evidence Act, Maj Gen Sandeep Kumar articulates the department’s commitment to aligning military laws with contemporary jurisprudence. The JAG Department is poised to undertake a comprehensive study of these bills, ensuring that military laws remain in harmony with the latest legal developments.

Exclusive Message and Air Broadcast

Listeners are invited to tune in to an exclusive message from Judge Advocate General Maj Gen Sandeep Kumar on Akashvani at 18:10 this evening on the Indraprastha channel and AIRLiveNews 24×7. This message provides unique insights into the department’s vision and forthcoming tasks, offering a glimpse into the intricate world of military justice.

Champions of Human Rights and Rule of Law

Beyond its legal intricacies, the JAG Department actively champions Human Rights and the rule of law. Its multifaceted involvement in diverse legal issues underscores a steadfast commitment to justice and ethical practices within the Army, reinforcing its role as a guardian of principles.

Historical Roots and Evolution

The JAG Department’s historical roots trace back to the development of Military Law in England, with its inception in India dating back to 1841. Brig (Justice) DM Sen (Retd) stands as a significant figure, being the first Indian JAG post-independence.

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