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Japan introduced the world’s 1st Dual-Mode Vehicle

Japan introduced the world's 1st Dual-Mode Vehicle_4.1

Japan has introduced a minibus lookalike world’s first dual-mode vehicle (DMV) in its town of Kaiyo. The vehicle can run on normal rubber tyres on the road but its steel wheels, which are in its underbelly, descend when it hits the rail tracks. The DMV can carry up to 21 passengers and runs at a speed of 60km/h on rail tracks and can go as fast as around 100km/h on public roads.

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The front tyres are lifted off the track and the rear wheels stay down to propel the DMV onto the railway. This feature of effectively changing into a train-like module easily on a rail track is the first of its kind. Powered by diesel, the small fleet of vehicles comes in different colours. It runs along part of the coast of Shikoku island in southern Japan, connecting several small towns and offering passengers attractive seaside scenery.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • Japan Capital: Tokyo;
  • Japan Currency: Japanese Yen;
  • Japan PM: Fumio Kishida.

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