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Justice Sanjiv Khanna Appointed As NALSA Executive Chairperson


In a significant development, the President of India has appointed Justice Sanjiv Khanna as the Executive Chairperson of the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA). Justice Khanna, the senior-most judge of the Supreme Court, has taken over from Justice S. K. Kaul, who retired on December 25. This appointment adheres to the convention of appointing the second senior-most judge of the Supreme Court to the crucial position of NALSA Executive Chairman.

National Legal Services Authority (NALSA)

The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) is a statutory body established under the Legal Services Authorities Act of 1987. This organization plays a pivotal role in providing free legal services to the weaker sections of society and aims to organize Lok Adalats for the amicable settlement of disputes.

Features of NALSA

Leadership Structure

NALSA is headed by the Chief Justice of India, serving as the Patron-in-Chief, along with a senior judge of the Supreme Court who acts as the Executive Chairman. This dual leadership structure ensures a comprehensive and balanced approach to its functioning.

Free Legal Services

One of the primary objectives of NALSA is to provide free legal services to eligible persons, including women, children, SC/STs, disabled persons, victims of natural disasters or violence, and those in custody. This initiative ensures that legal representation is not a privilege but a right for all members of society.

Lok Adalats

NALSA organizes Lok Adalats at various levels, offering an alternative dispute resolution mechanism where cases are settled through conciliation and compromise. This approach not only expedites the process but also promotes an atmosphere of mutual understanding and resolution.

Legal Awareness Programs

Apart from providing legal services, NALSA undertakes various schemes and programs to enhance legal awareness. This includes legal literacy initiatives, legal aid clinics, panel lawyers, and para-legal volunteers. These efforts contribute to empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to assert their rights.

Significance of NALSA

Access to Justice

It plays a vital role in ensuring access to justice for all, particularly for the economically disadvantaged and marginalized sections of society who may struggle to afford legal services or approach formal courts.

Empowering Individuals

Through legal awareness programs, NALSA empowers individuals with the necessary knowledge to assert their rights and seek remedies for their grievances. This empowerment contributes to a more informed and just society.

Promoting Social Justice

By fostering amicable settlements through Lok Adalats and other initiatives, NALSA promotes a culture of justice and harmony in society. It actively contributes to the goal of achieving social justice for all citizens.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. Under which act was the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) established?
A) Indian Constitution Act
B) Legal Services Authorities Act 1987
C) Judiciary Reforms Act

2. What is the primary objective of NALSA?
A) Enforcing criminal laws
B) Providing free legal services
C) Conducting Lok Sabha elections

3. What are Lok Adalats, as organized by NALSA?
A) Legislative sessions
B) Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms
C) Legal awareness campaigns

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