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Jyothi, Aditi, Parneet strike Gold in Compound Archery at Asian Games

India’s archery team continued its exceptional performance at the 19th Asian Games in 2023 by clinching the gold medal in a thrilling final match against Chinese Taipei. The team, consisting of Jyoti Surekha Vennam, Aditi Swami and Parneet Kaur, showcased their incredible skills and nerve under pressure, securing India’s second gold medal in archery at the event.

The Nervy Start

The final match began with some nerves as Parneet and Aditi started with scores of 9 each, but Jyothi provided a steady hand with a perfect 10. Although the Chinese Taipei archers managed two 10s, their last shot of 7 gave India an advantage that they couldn’t capitalize on fully. In the first end, the Chinese Taipei team took a two-point lead, scoring 59 to India’s 57.

Ups and Downs in Match

In the second end, Jyoti once again shone with a 10, while Parneet and Aditi scored 9s. Chinese Taipei managed a perfect 30, increasing their lead to four points. However, Parneet and Aditi displayed their A-game in the third end, helping India secure a perfect 30 and closing the gap to one point, with the score at 112-111 in favour of Chinese Taipei.

The Turning Point

The crucial turning point came in the final end when Parneet and Jyoti both scored 10s and Aditi settled with a 9. A Taipei archer also scored a 9, keeping the scores level with three arrows remaining for each team. In this high-pressure moment, Aditi, Parneet and Jyothi maintained remarkable composure, finishing with a perfect 30. This put immense pressure on the Taipei side, who managed two 10s from their last two archers but fell short by one point. India clinched the gold medal with a final score of 230-229.

Dominating the Quarters and Semis

Before their heroic victory in the final, the Indian trio faced little difficulty in the quarterfinals and semifinals. They defeated Hong Kong China in the quarterfinals and Indonesia in the semis with convincing scores, displaying their dominance and exceptional archery skills.

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