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Karnataka Bank and Clix Capital Forge Digital Co-Lending Partnership via Yubi Platform

In a strategic move aligned with Reserve Bank of India guidelines, Karnataka Bank (KBL), a prominent private sector bank, and Clix Capital, a rapidly growing NBFC, have joined forces through the Yubi Co.lend Platform. This digital co-lending partnership targets the Indian MSME sector, a key driver of the country’s GDP and employment growth.


The collaboration leverages Karnataka Bank’s cost-efficient funds, end-to-end digital capabilities, and credit expertise in the MSME sector. Paired with Clix Capital’s robust lending tech platform and thorough due diligence, the alliance aims to provide seamless and accessible finance solutions. This initiative is a response to the RBI’s encouragement for banks and NBFCs to co-lend to priority sectors.

Key Points

  1. Strategic Partnership: Karnataka Bank and Clix Capital enter into a digital co-lending alliance through Yubi Co.lend Platform.
  2. Target Sector: The focus is on extending loans to the vital Indian MSME sector, aligning with national economic growth goals.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: The agreement adheres to RBI guidelines on co-lending by banks and NBFCs to priority sectors.
  4. Synergies: The collaboration combines Karnataka Bank’s financial strength and digital capabilities with Clix Capital’s advanced lending technology for comprehensive solutions.
  5. Underserved Support: The partnership aims to address the financial needs of the underserved MSMEs, offering them accessible and cost-effective digital finance solutions.

Important Takeaways For All Competitive Exams

Karnataka Bank-Clix Capital Co-Lending:

  • Karnataka Bank and Clix Capital form a digital co-lending partnership via Yubi Co.lend Platform.
  • Focus on providing loans to the Indian MSME sector.
  • Aligns with RBI guidelines on co-lending to priority sectors.

Important Questions Related to Exams

  1. What is the primary focus of the Karnataka Bank and Clix Capital co-lending partnership?
  2. In which sector does the alliance aim to provide loans?
  3. What platform facilitates the digital co-lending partnership between Karnataka Bank and Clix Capital?
  4. What are the key strengths brought by Karnataka Bank to the collaboration?

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