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Karnataka Mandates 33% Reservation for Women in Govt Contract Jobs

The Karnataka government has mandated a 33% reservation for women in outsourced government jobs. This aligns with existing quotas for permanent positions and applies to jobs lasting more than 45 days and involving over 20 employees.

Government Order Issued

A Government Order (GO) was issued by Randeep D., Principal Secretary, Personnel and Administrative Reforms, enforcing the reservation policy across various government departments and organisations.

Coverage of Reservation Policy

The policy affects services and posts outsourced by government departments, including those contracted through third-party agencies. It encompasses roles such as drivers, data-entry operators, housekeeping staff, and other Group-C and Group-D positions.

Scope and Implementation

  • Applicability: Jobs lasting more than 45 days and employing over 20 people.
  • Entities Involved: All autonomous bodies, universities, urban local bodies, and other government offices.
  • Current Workforce: Out of 7.2 lakh sanctioned posts, 1.5 lakh are outsourced, with 75,000-plus currently holding outsourced jobs in government departments.
  • Vacancies: With 2.5 lakh government posts vacant, the new policy ensures approximately 50,000 posts will be reserved for women.


Chief Secretary P. Ravikumar emphasized that senior officials must ensure the smooth implementation of this policy. The reservation is intended to reflect the capabilities of women in performing outsourced government jobs effectively.

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