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Kerala CM Unveils Board For Transparent PSU Hiring


Kerala’s Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, recently inaugurated the Kerala Public Enterprises (Selection and Recruitment) Board, a pivotal step toward enhancing transparency and efficiency in the recruitment processes of public sector units (PSUs). This establishment, located at Vellayambalam, is set to play a crucial role in identifying and appointing capable candidates within state-run entities.

The board is chaired by former Chief Secretary VP Joy, signifying a well-structured and experienced leadership to guide the recruitment processes.

Objectives of the Board

The primary objective of the newly inaugurated board is to streamline the selection process for competent individuals, initially focusing on public sector units under the Department of Industries and Commerce. Moreover, it opens its services to PSUs from other departments, aiming to bolster the overall effectiveness of public sector institutions in the state.

Chief Minister’s Perspective

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan highlighted the essential role of PSUs in industrial development, emphasizing their significance alongside the private sector. The establishment of the board aligns with the commitments outlined in the ruling LDF’s manifesto, emphasizing transparency and adherence to reservation principles in the recruitment process.

Initial Responsibilities and Achievements

The board will initially oversee the selection process for various roles in 20 public sector institutions under the Department of Industry and Commerce. Notably, it has already completed the selection of managing directors for 12 PSUs, including responsibilities for contractual appointments exceeding one year. The successful completion of these appointments marks a significant stride in fulfilling the board’s objectives.

Broadened Scope and Future Endeavors

The board’s responsibilities extend beyond the initial 20 institutions, encompassing the selection for the appointment of managing directors in a total of 22 public sector institutions. This includes overseeing the selection process for managing directors in 12 PSUs. Furthermore, the board’s purview includes handling contractual appointments of more than one year in public sector institutions.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. What is the primary objective of the Kerala Public Enterprises (Selection and Recruitment) Board?

a. Streamline private sector recruitment
b. Enhance transparency in public sector recruitment
c. Manage educational institutions

2. How many public sector institutions initially fall under the purview of the board?

a. 15
b. 20
c. 25

3. In addition to the Department of Industries and Commerce, which other departments can utilize the board’s services for recruitment?

a. Health and Family Welfare
b. Transport
c. All other departments

4. Who chairs the Kerala Public Enterprises (Selection and Recruitment) Board?

a. Pinarayi Vijayan
b. VP Joy
c. P Rajeev

Please provide your answers in the comments section.

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