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Kerala govt. to have its own OTT platform

Kerala govt. to have its own OTT platform_4.1

Kerala government has proposed to have its own over-the-top (OTT) platform. The state government has planned to launch it by November 1. The State government’s proposed foray into the online content streaming space with the launch of an over-the-top (OTT) platform is a cultural intervention, rather than something prompted by the market or revenues.

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Why Kerala will launch a new OTT platform?

  • OTT players like Netflix and Amazon have been showing more interest in Malayalam cinema. But they are mostly limited to films from which they can get revenue.
  • In the last one year, less than 15 Malayalam films, featuring big stars, have been taken up these platforms.
  • Furthermore, smaller & home-grown OTT platforms such as Neestream and Mainstream TV do not have much of finance to match bigger players.
  • Thus, the state government proposed this OTT platform which will ensure space and make some sort of revenue share for lower budget & independent films that are struggling to find space among the public.

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Kerala govt. to have its own OTT platform_5.1

Kerala govt. to have its own OTT platform_6.1

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