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Khelo India Winter Games 2024 Mascot Unveiled

The Khelo India Winter Games 2024, a significant event in the Indian sports calendar, is all set to commence, bringing with it the thrill and excitement of winter sports. This year’s edition is especially noteworthy as it marks the debut of the Union Territory of Ladakh as a host, alongside Jammu & Kashmir. The event is a part of the Khelo India Mission, envisioned by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, to promote Olympic sports and nurture talent in India.

Mascot and Logo of Khelo India Winter Games 2024

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Mascot: Sheen-e She

The mascot for the Khelo India Winter Games 2024 is the majestic snow leopard, named ‘Sheen-e She’ or ‘Shan’ in the Ladakh region. Native to the high-altitude areas of J&K and Ladakh, the snow leopard symbolizes the spirit of the Games and brings attention to the conservation of this endangered species.

Logo: A Symbol of Unity and Strength

The logo, adorned with the Indian tricolor, encapsulates the beauty of the Himalayan landscape and the diverse sports of the Games. It features a Dharmachakra (turning wheel of Dharma) atop a hill in Chanspa, Leh, the venue of the Games, representing the unity and strength of the nation.

The logo and mascot were launched online by dignitaries including Lt. Governor of Jammu & Kashmir Shri Manoj Sinha, Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh Brigadier (Dr) BD Mishra (Retd), Shrimati Sujata Chaturvedi, Secretary (Sports), Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, and other senior officials.

Inauguration and Venues of Khelo India Winter Games 2024

Shri Anurag Singh Thakur, Union Minister for Youth Affairs & Sports and Information & Broadcasting, GoI, will inaugurate the Games at the NDS stadium, Leh, on February 2. The first part of the Winter Games will be held in Ladakh from February 2-6, featuring ice hockey and speed skating. The second part will take place in Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir, from February 21-25, hosting events like ski mountaineering, Alpine skiing, snowboarding, Nordic skiing, and gondola.

Ladakh’s Debut as Host

Ladakh’s inclusion as a host for a portion of the Games is a significant milestone. Brigadier Mishra expressed enthusiasm for Ladakh’s role, highlighting the region’s suitability for winter games and the potential for growth as hosts. Shri Sinha, acknowledging his fourth year with the Khelo India Winter Games in J&K, extended good wishes to the Ladakh administration.

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