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Scottish 2-Year-Old Sets Record: Youngest To Reach Everest Base

A remarkable feat unfolded as two-year-old Carter Dallas from Scotland etched his name into the annals of mountaineering history by becoming the youngest person to reach the Mount Everest base camp. Accompanied by his parents, Ross and Jade, Carter embarked on an extraordinary journey that captured the world’s attention.

A Family Adventure

Ross and Jade Dallas, fueled by a spirit of adventure, embarked on a year-long trip around Asia, with their young son Carter in tow. Selling their belongings and renting out their house in Scotland, the Dallas family set off on an unforgettable expedition.

The Climb

Traversing the rugged terrain of Nepal, the Dallas family, with Carter securely on Ross’s back and Jade by their side, made their way to the south side of Mount Everest. At an altitude of 17,598 feet above sea level, Carter achieved a feat that defied his tender age, surpassing the previous record held by a four-year-old from the Czech Republic.

Surmounting Challenges

Despite the arduous conditions and the risk of altitude sickness, Carter displayed remarkable resilience. While both Ross and Jade experienced slight altitude sickness, their young son remained unaffected, astonishing his parents and even the medical professionals stationed along the route.

A Culinary Adventure

Alongside the physical challenges, the Dallas family embraced the cultural richness of their journey, indulging in diverse cuisines across Asia. From sampling chicken feet in Malaysia to savoring Pad Thai in Thailand, Carter’s palate mirrored his adventurous spirit.

The Road Ahead

As the Dallas family eagerly awaits confirmation of Carter’s world record, their journey serves as a testament to the boundless spirit of exploration. With each step, Carter not only conquered physical heights but also inspired countless others to dream without limits.

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