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Kia India Appoints Gwanggu Lee as New MD and CEO

Kia India has appointed Gwanggu Lee as the new Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. This transition marks an important shift in the leadership of the company, with Gwanggu Lee taking the reins from the former MD and CEO, Tae Jin Park.

Succession at Kia India

Gwanggu Lee is set to become the third MD and CEO of Kia India, succeeding Kook Hyun Shim and Tae Jin Park. Tae Jin Park, the former MD and CEO, is retiring after an illustrious 36-year journey with Kia Corporation, coupled with a commendable four-year stint with Kia India. The transition reflects the company’s commitment to bringing in seasoned leaders to steer its transformative journey.

Leadership Experience and Expertise

Gwanggu Lee brings to the table over 30 years of rich experience in the automotive sector. His extensive career spans leadership roles in various capacities, covering both developed and developing economies. Lee has served in key positions in the US, Canada, Italy, Mexico, and Kia Headquarters in Central and South America. His significant contributions were also witnessed during his tenure at Kia Europe headquarters in Germany.


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