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Kokborok Day 2024: Celebrating the Cultural Heritage of Tripura

Kokborok Day, observed annually on January 19th, is a significant cultural event in Tripura, India. The 2024 celebration marks the 46th anniversary of Kokborok’s recognition as an official language of the state alongside Bengali and English. This day celebrates the rich linguistic and cultural heritage of the Tripuri people.

Historical Background of Kokborok

Kokborok, also known as Tripuri or Tiprakoka, is the native language of the Tripuri community in Tripura and neighbouring regions. It belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family, closely related to the Bodo, Dimasa, and Kachari languages spoken in Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram, and Meghalaya​​​.

Significance of Kokborok Day

  • Official Recognition: On January 19, 1979, Kokborok was officially recognized as a state language, ending the sole official status of Bengali in Tripura. This recognition is commemorated as Kokborok Day.
  • Cultural Identity: Kokborok Day underscores the importance of preserving and promoting the Tripuri language and culture.
  • Linguistic Diversity: The celebration reflects India’s linguistic diversity, showcasing the coexistence of multiple language families within the country.
  • Cultural Programs: The day is marked by various cultural programs and activities organized by the state government, highlighting the language’s rich literary and artistic traditions​​​.

The Language: Kokborok

  • Dialects: Kokborok encompasses several dialects, some of which are not mutually intelligible. Debbarma is the prestige dialect and forms the standard for literature and education.
  • Population and Usage: As of the 2001 census, there were approximately 695,000 speakers of Kokborok. Most children in the region speak the language, but its use is restricted to certain domains.
  • Script and Development: The script for Kokborok is currently in a state of revival, with efforts to standardize it. Many prefer using the Latin script. Significant efforts are underway to promote the language in education and cultural spheres.

Important Questions Related to Exams

  1. What is Kokborok Day, and why is it celebrated annually on January 19th in Tripura?
  2. When was Kokborok officially recognized as a state language in Tripura, alongside Bengali and English?
  3. To which language family does Kokborok belong, and what are its dialects?
  4. How does the celebration of Kokborok Day contribute to the cultural identity of the Tripuri people?
  5. Can you name some of the key activities and programs organized on Kokborok Day by the state government?
  6. What is the population of Kokborok speakers according to the 2001 census?

Kindly share your responses in the comment section.


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