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Largest Lok Sabha Constituency in Uttar Pradesh

The Election Commission of India has released the election statistics for the recent Lok Sabha elections, and Uttar Pradesh’s results have surprised everyone. The Samajwadi Party has emerged as the largest party in the state, winning the most seats. Among the various districts in Uttar Pradesh, one district stands out for having the largest Lok Sabha constituency. This article will explore which district holds this distinction and provide details about its electorate.

Uttar Pradesh’s Political Significance

Uttar Pradesh plays a crucial role in Indian politics due to its significant number of Lok Sabha seats. The state holds 80 Lok Sabha constituencies spread across 75 districts, divided into 18 divisions and 4 regions. The state’s political landscape is influential in shaping the central government.

The Largest Lok Sabha Constituency in Uttar Pradesh

Ghaziabad is the largest Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh, based on the number of voters. This constituency has the highest voter population in the state, making it a key area in elections.

Voter Demographic in Ghaziabad

According to the 2024 voter list, Ghaziabad has a total of 2,938,845 registered voters. The Sahibabad area within Ghaziabad has the highest number of voters, totaling 1,033,314. In contrast, the smallest voter population in the district is in the Dhaulana Anshik area, with 123,368 voters.

Growth in Voter number

Over the past five years, Ghaziabad has seen an increase in its voter population. In 2019, the district had 2,673,147 voters. This growth highlights the dynamic and expanding electorate in the region.

2024 Election Results in Ghaziabad

In the recent elections, Atul Garg of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won the Ghaziabad seat with 854,170 votes. This victory underscores the importance of Ghaziabad in the state’s political landscape.

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