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Launch of ‘CRCS-Sahara Refund Portal’ by Amit Shah

Shri Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation, officially inaugurated the CRCS – Sahara Refund Portal (https://mocrefund.crcs.gov.in/) in New Delhi. This user-friendly portal has been specifically designed to facilitate genuine depositors of Cooperative Societies of Sahara Group, including Sahara Credit Cooperative Society Limited, Saharayan Universal Multipurpose Society Limited, Hamara India Credit Cooperative Society Limited, and Stars Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited, to submit their claims conveniently.

Union Home Minister Launches Portal for Cooperative Society Refunds

Led by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the CRCS – Sahara Refund Portal ensures that investors will recover their funds that were affected by scams. It addresses the concerns of individuals whose hard-earned money is stuck in the four Cooperative Societies of Sahara Group, which have previously not received adequate attention. This cooperative movement will provide millions of people who lack capital but have a strong desire to contribute to the nation’s development with a practical and viable avenue to fulfill their aspirations.

Trial Run Commences for Returning Rs. 5,000 Crore to Investors

The transparent process of returning Rs. 5,000 crore to investors commenced as a trial run. Once the payment of Rs. 5,000 crore is successfully completed, further steps will be taken to appeal to the Supreme Court for the return of funds to the remaining investors.
The Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation emphasized that this portal enables the initial payment, up to Rs. 10,000, to be made to one crore investors who had deposited Rs. 10,000 or more in these cooperative societies.
The portal provides comprehensive online data for applying, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. Additionally, strict provisions have been implemented to prevent any manipulation or injustice towards genuine investors, ensuring utmost fairness and security throughout the procedure. The portal is also accessible through the Ministry of Cooperation‘s website.

Easy Access and Conditions for Refunds

To facilitate the filing of applications through the Common Service Center (CSC), there are two primary conditions
1)The investor’s Aadhaar card must be linked to their mobile number.
2)Aadhaar card should be linked to their bank account.
The Union Home Minister assured the investors that the money would be credited to their bank accounts within a period of 45 days.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

  • Minister for Union Ministry of Cooperation: Amit Shah


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