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Lt Gen M U Nair appointed as new National Cybersecurity Coordinator

The government has named Lt Gen M U Nair as the newly appointed National Cybersecurity Coordinator (NCSC). Lt Gen Nair, who took on the role of the 28th Signal Officer-in-Chief in July 2022, brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the areas of cyber warfare, signal intelligence, and communication and information technology. Before assuming the position of NCSC, Lt Gen Nair held the position of commandant at the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering.

His appointment follows the footsteps of his predecessor, Lt Gen Rajesh Pant, a seasoned veteran from the Corps of Signals of the Indian Army, who previously served as the NCSC chief. Lt Gen Nair now becomes the third individual to hold the position of cyber security chief, succeeding Lt Gen Pant and the inaugural chief, Gulshan Rai.

In addition to his current appointment, Lt Gen M U Nair has held various important positions throughout his career, including additional director general, head of signal intelligence, chief of staff of a corps, and command. He is also an alumnus of the National Defence Academy.

About the National Cybersecurity Coordinator (NCSC)

The National Cybersecurity Coordinator (NCSC), operating under the National Security Council Secretariat, plays a crucial role in coordinating with central-level agencies on matters of national and critical significance related to cybersecurity. One of its key responsibilities is to monitor communication metadata, providing valuable inputs to law enforcement agencies for investigating potential cybercrime cases.

Presently, the NCSC is actively involved in updating and replacing the 2013 National Cyber Security Strategy. The forthcoming National Cyber Security Reference Framework (NCRF) will replace the outdated strategy and adopt a common but differentiated approach (CBDR). While the overall cybersecurity goals will remain consistent for all stakeholders, the framework will tailor specific objectives for government organizations, private institutions, academia, and other relevant entities.

What is NCRF?

The NCRF aims to serve as a comprehensive guide for critical sectors such as banking, telecom, power and energy, transportation, strategic and government enterprises, as well as healthcare companies. It will provide valuable direction on internet governance, network management, and response strategies in the event of cyberattacks. The document will also outline best practices for recovering and restoring operations after systems have been compromised.

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