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L&T Tech: First company to directly obtain and implement 5G spectrum

The first IT company to publicly indicate interest in the government’s direct distribution of spectrum for exclusive 5G networks is L&T Technology Services. According to CEO Amit Chadha, it will acquire spectrum to set up a 5G private network and develop use cases for the technology. In addition, the engineering and research and development services company will roll out 5G solutions for parent company Larsen & Toubro globally.

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  • India recently published regulations allowing businesses that are not in the telecom industry to purchase spectrum directly from the telecom department for the construction of private 5G networks.
  • To supply 5G automation services and quick integration of open radio access network technologies that they will launch jointly, the company has partnered with network software provider Mavenir.
  • The business applauded the government’s decision to permit private businesses to use 5G, but it demanded that the laws be changed to permit the deployment of the same 5G network in more than one location.
  • Additionally, it is demanded that the difficulty of connecting the 5G spectrum that businesses receive to the Internet be adjusted for the provision of application-as-a-service or lab offer-as-a-service options

According to regulations for private 5G networks, the Department of Telecommunications will carry out demand assessments and then ask the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India for recommendations before granting spectrum. The agency would only impose a small processing fee of Rs 50,000 when allocating spectrum to businesses for connecting their facilities; no licence or entry fees will be assessed.

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