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Madhya Pradesh: India’s Largest Tiger Reserve to be Set Up in Damoh

In a landmark development, Damoh district in Madhya Pradesh is poised to become the home of the country’s largest tiger reserve, marking a significant stride in wildlife conservation efforts. The central government has greenlit the merger of Noradehi Sanctuary with the Durgavati Sanctuary in Damoh, creating an expansive tiger reserve spanning an impressive 2,300 square kilometers.

Approval and Notification

The central government’s issuance of a notification approving the merger reflects a commitment to preserving and protecting India’s rich biodiversity. The amalgamation of these two sanctuaries underscores the nation’s dedication to creating substantial habitats for its tiger population.

Geographical Focus

Situated around the Jabera area of Damoh district, the new tiger reserve is strategically located to enhance conservation efforts. The geographical concentration around Jabera is expected to provide an optimal environment for the flourishing of the tiger population.

Conservation Impact

Damoh’s Forest Divisional Officer, MS Uikey, emphasizes the significance of the tiger reserve in safeguarding the existing tiger population of 16. The merger is not only anticipated to secure a haven for these majestic creatures but is also poised to attract additional tigers to the region, thereby augmenting its overall conservation value.

Tourism and Developmental Potential

Officials foresee a surge in tourism and developmental opportunities for Damoh and its surrounding areas. The establishment of the tiger reserve is expected to draw visitors from across India and beyond, providing an economic boost to the local communities. MS Uikey expresses optimism about the positive impact on Damoh’s development, suggesting that the tiger reserve will thrust the district into the national spotlight and catalyze its economic growth.

Boosting the Local Economy

As Damoh is included in backward areas, the creation of the tiger reserve is viewed as a catalyst for development. The influx of tourists is expected to inject vitality into the local economy, creating opportunities for employment and fostering a conducive environment for growth.

Implementation Timeline

The Forest Department is actively working on the establishment of the tiger reserve, with plans to complete the process within the next two or three months. This proactive approach underlines the urgency and commitment of the authorities in realizing the vision of a premier tiger reserve in Damoh.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q1. What is the size of the upcoming tiger reserve in Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh?

Sol. The tiger reserve will span an impressive 2,300 square kilometers.

Q2. How many sanctuaries are being merged to create the tiger reserve in Damoh?

Sol. Noradehi Sanctuary is being merged with Durgawati Sanctuary.

Q3. What is the current tiger population in Damoh’s existing sanctuaries?

Sol. The existing tiger population in Damoh stands at 16.

Q4. Where is the new tiger reserve located within Damoh district?

Sol. The tiger reserve is strategically located around the Jabera area.

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