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Maharashtra Government Decided To Introduce ‘Chief Minister Vayoshree Yojana’

In a significant move aimed at improving the lives of senior citizens and boosting confidence in cooperative societies, the Maharashtra government has announced a series of initiatives covering various sectors. From welfare schemes to development projects, these measures reflect the government’s commitment to addressing the needs of its citizens and fostering growth across the state.

Chief Minister Vayoshree Yojana: A Boost for Senior Citizens

The introduction of the ‘Chief Minister Vayoshree Yojana’ is set to benefit around 15 lakh senior citizens suffering from physical or mental disabilities. Under this scheme, eligible citizens above the age of 65 will receive financial assistance of three thousand rupees, providing much-needed support and relief to vulnerable members of society.

Boosting Confidence in Cooperative Societies

To instill confidence among depositors in cooperative societies, the government has announced an assistance scheme. An independent entity will be formed to reimburse deposits of up to one lakh rupees in the event of a non-agricultural cooperative society facing bankruptcy. With an initial corpus of hundred crore rupees, this initiative aims to protect the interests of approximately three crore depositors.

In a welcome relief for residents of Mumbai, the state cabinet has decided not to increase property tax rates. This decision, approved by the Maharashtra Government, alleviates the financial burden on citizens, with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai absorbing an estimated 736 crore rupees to provide relief.

Empowering Youth through Employment Opportunities

Building on the success of recent employment fairs, the government plans to organize the Namo Maharojgar Fair across various divisions, including Nashik, Pune, and Konkan. This initiative aims to create job opportunities for at least two lakh youngsters, empowering them to contribute to the state’s economy and their own livelihoods.

Enhancing Tourism and Wildlife Conservation

For tourists and wildlife enthusiasts, the government has announced the launch of a Leopard Safari in Pune’s Ambegaon, offering a unique experience and promoting eco-tourism in the region.

Infrastructure Development and Urban Renewal

In addition to welfare schemes, the government has approved plans to expand Shirdi Airport, seek salt pan land from the Centre for the Dharavi Redevelopment Plan, and revise the retirement age for teachers in agricultural universities from 62 to 60 years. These initiatives underscore the government’s commitment to infrastructure development and urban renewal, ensuring sustainable growth and prosperity for all citizens.

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