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Uttar Pradesh Government Enhances ‘EV Upyog’ Portal to Promote Electric Vehicles

The Uttar Pradesh government is taking significant steps to promote the manufacture and use of electric vehicles (EVs) in the state. One of the key initiatives in this endeavour is the enhancement of the ‘EV Upyog’ portal, which serves as a platform to facilitate EV-related activities. In a recent development, the state government has initiated the process of upgrading the portal and integrating it with the official website of Invest UP. This move is aimed at improving accessibility, functionality, and cybersecurity measures associated with the portal.

Enhancing the EV Upyog Portal

To enhance the EV Upyog portal, the Uttar Pradesh Development Systems Corporation Limited (UPDSCL) has commenced the process of hiring a software development agency for a period of one year. The objective is to introduce several attractive features and improvements to the portal, making it more user-friendly and efficient. Cloud server technology is being leveraged for hosting the portal, ensuring scalability, reliability, and enhanced cybersecurity measures.

Benefits of Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud servers offer numerous advantages over traditional dedicated server hardware. With cloud hosting, resources are pooled and delivered over a network, providing flexibility and on-demand access to multiple users. The EV Upyog portal will benefit from features such as cloud storage, database capabilities, networking options, and specialized software, enhancing its performance and security.

Integration with the Invest UP Website

The integration of the EV Upyog portal with the official website of Invest UP is a strategic move aimed at streamlining EV-related initiatives and investments in Uttar Pradesh. This integration will create a seamless user experience, allowing stakeholders to access information and services related to electric vehicles and investment opportunities in the state through a single platform.

Role of MeitY Empaneled Service Provider

The process of hosting the EV Upyog portal on a cloud server and integrating it with the Invest UP website will be carried out by a MeitY Empaneled Service Provider. This ensures adherence to quality standards and technical specifications specified by the Ministry of Electronics and IT. The cloud server configuration includes robust features such as 4 cores, 32 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD, Window Server 2019, 1 static IP, and 1 TB bandwidth, supported by technical assistance.

Important Questions Related to Exams

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  2. What advantages do cloud servers offer over traditional dedicated server hardware?
  3. How does integrating the EV Upyog portal with Invest UP streamline EV-related initiatives in Uttar Pradesh?

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