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Maharashtra government to set up Cyber Intelligence Unit

Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis informed that a dedicated cyber intelligence unit will be set up in Maharashtra to curb cyber and financial crimes. The meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. It was a two-day contemplation camp of Home Ministers and Director Generals of Police of various states across the country organized at Surajkund in Haryana.

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Maharashtra government to set up Cyber Intelligence Unit- Key Points

  • The meeting was addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he discussed many issues of national security.
  • Devendra Fadnavis informed that the Cyber Intelligence Unit will be a dedicated single platform, through which a global model will be created to curb cybercrime.
  • Through this platform Government and Private banks, financial institutions, Social media institutions, regulatory bodies, cyber police, and technicians will be united.
  • The platform will serve as a dynamic response system and make more use of modern technology.
  • In recent times, financial and cybercrimes have increased significantly which needs to be controlled.
  • According to Devendra Fadnavis, Maharashtra has completed proceedings at the highest speed in the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System (CCTNS).
  • The state government has also marked great progress through Automated Multimedia Biometric Identification System (AMBIS).

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