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Man Singh Clinches Gold at the Asian Marathon Championships 2024 in Hong Kong

The Asian Marathon Championships 2024 marked a historic moment for Indian athletics as Man Singh, a 34-year-old marathon runner from India, clinched the gold medal. This achievement is significant for Man Singh and Indian sports, showcasing the country’s growing prowess in long-distance running.

Man Singh’s Historic Victory

Man Singh’s triumph in Hong Kong was nothing short of spectacular. He completed the marathon with a personal best timing of 2 hours, 14 minutes, and 19 seconds, comfortably defeating runner-up Huang Yongzheng of China by a substantial margin of 65 seconds. This performance also surpassed his previous personal best of 2:16:58, recorded at the Mumbai Marathon in 2023​​​​​​.

The Significance of Singh’s Achievement

Man Singh’s victory at the Asian Marathon Championships is momentous for several reasons:

Second Indian Champion: He became only the second Indian to claim the title of the Asian marathon champion, following Thonakal Gopi’s achievement in 2017.
National Record Unbeaten: While Singh’s performance was commendable, India’s national record in men’s marathon, held by Shivnath Singh at 2:12:00 since 1978, remains unbeaten.
International Recognition: His victory on an international platform like the Asian Marathon Championships significantly boosts India’s reputation in long-distance running.

India’s Representation at the Championships

Man Singh was not the sole representative of India at these championships. Other Indian athletes, including Belliappa Appachangada Bo, Ashvini Jadhav, and Jyoti Gawate, also participated. Appachangada Bo finished 6th, while in the women’s event, Jadhav and Gawate finished 8th and 11th, respectively​​​.

Important Questions Related to Exams

  • Who won the gold medal in the Asian Marathon Championships 2024 for India?
  • Who is the only other Indian to have claimed the title of the Asian marathon champion before Man Singh?

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