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India And Egypt Armies Unite For Exercise Cyclone’s Special Operations


The Indian Army contingent, comprised of 25 highly skilled personnel from The Parachute Regiment (Special Forces), has arrived in Egypt to participate in the eagerly awaited 2nd edition of the India-Egypt Joint Special Forces Exercise CYCLONE.

Scheduled to take place at Anshas, Egypt, from January 22nd to February 1st, 2024, this collaborative military endeavor aims to strengthen the ties between the two nations and foster a deeper understanding of each other’s operational procedures.


  • The Indian contingent will be joined by counterparts from the Egyptian Commando Squadron and the Egyptian Airborne Platoon, totaling another 25 personnel.
  • Together, these elite forces will engage in a series of strategic maneuvers and joint exercises, building on the success of the inaugural edition held in India the previous year.

Objective of the Exercise

  • The primary objective of Exercise CYCLONE is to familiarize both the Indian and Egyptian special forces with each other’s operating procedures in the context of Special Operations in desert and semi-desert terrain.
  • This collaborative effort falls under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation in addressing common security challenges.

Structure of the Exercise

  • Exercise CYCLONE is strategically designed to enhance bilateral military cooperation through the exchange of ideas, discussions, and the practical rehearsal of tactical military drills.
  • The exercise will unfold in three distinct phases, each focusing on specific aspects of special operations.

Military Exhibitions and Tactical Interactions (Phase 1)

  • The initial phase will involve military exhibitions and tactical interactions, setting the stage for mutual understanding and cooperation.
  • Participants will showcase their capabilities and engage in discussions to align their strategies.

IED Training and Combat First Aid (Phase 2)

  • The second phase will concentrate on training related to Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), counter-IED operations, and Combat First Aid.
  • This segment aims to enhance the forces’ ability to navigate and respond effectively to unconventional threats.

Joint Tactical Exercise (Phase 3)

  • The final phase will focus on a Joint Tactical Exercise, emphasizing fighting in built-up areas and hostage rescue scenarios.
  • This challenging component of the exercise will test the interoperability of the Indian and Egyptian special forces in complex and dynamic environments.

Shared Learning and Strengthening Bonds

  • Exercise CYCLONE provides a unique opportunity for both contingents to share best practices, strengthen their bonds, and further develop their military capabilities.
  • By working together towards shared security objectives, this joint special forces exercise serves as a platform to foster enduring bilateral relations between the friendly nations of India and Egypt.

Through collaborative efforts, Exercise CYCLONE not only contributes to the shared security objectives of the two nations but also exemplifies the spirit of international cooperation in addressing the challenges of the modern security landscape.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. Which regiment is representing the Indian contingent in Exercise CYCLONE?

2. In which country is Exercise CYCLONE taking place in 2024?

3. Which Egyptian units are participating in Exercise CYCLONE?

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