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Republic Day 2024: What’s special this year?

India will mark its momentous 75th Republic Day on January 26, 2024. The iconic Republic Day Parade, starting at 9:30 am from Vijay Chowk, will traverse five kilometers to the National Stadium. This grand celebration, commemorating the adoption of the Indian Constitution in 1950, includes cultural events, aerial displays by the Indian Air Force, and flag hoisting. The occasion serves to honor the Constitution, crafted by Dr. BR Ambedkar, and pay tribute to the sacrifices of freedom fighters in the struggle for independence.

Key Highlights of Republic Day 2024

1. Diverse Themes Reflecting India’s Essence as a Democracy

The Republic Day 2024 celebrations are set to highlight the themes of “Viksit Bharat” and “Bharat – Loktantra ki Matruka,” showcasing India’s essential qualities as a thriving democracy. These themes aim to resonate with the spirit of progress and the democratic values that the nation upholds.

2. French President Emmanuel Macron as Chief Guest

French President Emmanuel Macron is the esteemed Chief Guest for Republic Day 2024. His visit includes a tour of Jaipur’s prominent landmarks before heading to Delhi. Macron’s participation underscores the strong diplomatic ties between India and France.

3. Historic Inclusion of All-Women Tri-Services Group

A significant highlight of this year’s Republic Day Parade is the inclusion of an all-women tri-services group. Comprising women troops from the Army’s military police and other services, this historic contingent symbolizes the growing role of women in India’s armed forces.

4. Indian Representation in French Military Team

Six Indian individuals are set to march alongside the French military team during the parade. This joint participation further emphasizes the collaboration and camaraderie between the armed forces of both nations.

5. Saree Extravaganza in ‘Anant Sutra’ Exhibition

The Culture Ministry’s ‘Anant Sutra’ exhibition will showcase around 1,900 sarees and drapes from various Indian states and union territories. This visual spectacle aims to celebrate the rich diversity of Indian textiles and pay homage to the skillful craftsmanship of the country’s weavers.

6. AI Takes Center Stage in the Parade

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology will present a tableau highlighting the role of artificial intelligence (AI) across diverse sectors. This includes scenes depicting a teacher using a VR headset for education, emphasizing the positive impact of AI in various fields.

7. ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 Takes the Spotlight

ISRO’s tableau in the Republic Day Parade will showcase the achievements of the Chandrayaan-3 mission. The focus will be on the launch and successful landing of the spacecraft, with special attention given to its touchdown at the moon’s South Pole.

8. French Inclusion in the Flypast

A French refuel aircraft and two Rafale aircraft will join the Indian Air Force’s flypast. This international collaboration in the sky adds a unique dimension to the aerial display, featuring a variety of new-generation vehicles and notable aircraft.

9. Special Guests Representing Various Fields

Approximately 13,000 special guests, including top performers in various government schemes and beneficiaries, have been invited to witness the parade. This diverse group encompasses individuals who have excelled in areas such as housing, agriculture, sanitation, and sports, highlighting the government’s vision of Jan Bhagidari (public participation).

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