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Manipur Launches “School on Wheels” Initiative for Students in Relief Camps

Amidst the aftermath of ethnic strife and severe hailstorms, Manipur’s government introduces the “School on Wheels” program, aiming to provide education to students sheltered in relief camps across the state. The initiative, inaugurated by Governor Anusuiya Uikey, entails a mobile educational setup equipped with a library, computers, and sports items, accompanied by a teacher, to visit various camps.

Addressing Educational Needs Amidst Crisis

The “School on Wheels” initiative addresses the educational gap caused by the year-long ethnic conflict and subsequent displacement, particularly impacting the student population of Manipur. Governor Uikey emphasizes the significance of reaching out to students in relief camps and providing them with essential education during this challenging period.

Empathy and Support for Displaced Individuals

Acknowledging the plight of displaced individuals, Governor Uikey expresses her empathy and pledges support by directing the state authorities to facilitate a process for the permanent settlement of those residing in relief camps. This comprehensive approach aims to not only provide immediate educational support but also work towards long-term solutions for the affected communities.

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