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Meri LiFE, Mera Swachh Seher Campaign Gains Momentum


The “Meri LiFE, Mera Swachh Shehar” campaign, launched by Union Minister Shri Hardeep S. Puri on 15th May 2023, has gained significant momentum across urban India. With the aim of transforming waste into wealth, this nationwide campaign encourages cities to establish Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (RRR) Centres. These centers serve as one-stop collection points where citizens can contribute items such as clothes, shoes, old books, toys, and used plastic for reuse or recycling. Since its inception, thousands of RRR Centres have been set up, fostering a spirit of sustainability and better living.

Meri LiFE, Mera Swachh Seher Campaign Gains Momentum
Meri LiFE, Mera Swachh Seher Campaign Gains Momentum

Ministry, Launch Year, and Implementing Body

The “Meri LiFE, Mera Swachh Shehar” campaign was launched by the Union Minister, Shri Hardeep S. Puri, in May 2023. The campaign is led by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, in collaboration with local authorities, NGOs, and citizens across the country.


The primary objective of the campaign is to promote the adoption of the 3R mantra (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) in urban India. By setting up RRR Centres, the campaign aims to create a convenient and accessible avenue for citizens to deposit their old and unused items, which can then be repurposed or recycled. Additionally, the campaign seeks to raise awareness about sustainable practices, encourage responsible consumption, and reduce the burden on landfills.


The overarching goal of the “Meri LiFE, Mera Swachh Shehar” campaign is to foster a culture of sustainability and waste management in urban areas. By encouraging citizens to actively participate in the collection drives and utilize the RRR Centres, the campaign strives to minimize waste generation, promote resource conservation, and contribute to a cleaner and greener environment.


The campaign envisions cities across India becoming hubs of sustainable living, where citizens embrace the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle as part of their daily lives. By integrating these practices into the urban sanitation ecosystem, the vision is to create a circular economy that minimizes waste, maximizes resource utilization, and ensures the well-being of both present and future generations.

Benefits and Impact

The establishment of RRR Centres under the “Meri LiFE, Mera Swachh Shehar” campaign brings numerous benefits and impacts. Firstly, it provides a convenient and organized platform for citizens to contribute their unused items, promoting decluttering and responsible disposal. Secondly, it encourages the reuse and recycling of materials, reducing the demand for new resources and minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, the campaign generates employment opportunities in waste management and recycling sectors, contributing to economic growth. Moreover, by instilling a sense of environmental responsibility, the campaign empowers individuals and communities to actively participate in sustainable practices and contribute to a cleaner and healthier society.

Funding Objectives

The campaign aims to secure funding to support the establishment and maintenance of RRR Centres across the country. The funds will be utilized to create infrastructure, develop collection systems, raise awareness, and train personnel involved in waste management and recycling initiatives. Additionally, the campaign seeks financial support to invest in research and development for innovative recycling technologies and sustainable waste management practices.

Funding Allocation

The specific funding allocation for the “Meri LiFE, Mera Swachh Shehar” campaign varies based on the needs and requirements of different cities and regions. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, in coordination with relevant authorities, allocates resources to support the establishment of RRR Centres, awareness campaigns, capacity building, and technological advancements. 7000 RRR Centres have been launched across the country so far, as lakhs of citizens participate in mega collection drives to deposit old, unused goods. From door-to-door collection with RRR on wheels to creatively setting up an RRR Centre with recycled goods, from innovative methods to disseminate information on RRR Centres to brand ambassadors participating in collection drives, the cities have ramped up their RRR initiatives.

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