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Meta launches “Threads” Twitter killer app

Meta, the owner of Instagram, has introduced a new social media platform called Threads. With Twitter facing instability under its billionaire owner Elon Musk, Meta aims to capitalize on the situation. Threads is now accessible in more than 100 countries through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Like Twitter, users can share brief text messages that can be liked, reposted, and responded to. However, Threads does not include direct messaging features. Users can create posts on Threads with up to 500 characters, as well as share links, photos, and videos up to five minutes in length.

About the Threads:

  • Threads has been integrated with Instagram, with a strong focus on privacy features. Users have the choice to show or conceal a badge on their Instagram profile, and they can customize privacy settings separately for each app. Several popular brands such as Billboard, HBO, NPR, and Netflix, as well as notable celebrities like Shakira and former Meta Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, quickly created accounts on Threads. Interestingly, no advertisements were observed during a Reuters review of the app.
  • Meta has actively sought the involvement of social media influencers to promote Threads and encouraged them to post at least twice a day. Despite the attempts of various platforms like Mastodon, Post, Truth Social, and T2 to attract Twitter users, they have struggled to gain significant popularity. Bluesky, a new service backed by Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey, launched its invite-only beta version in February and reported 50,000 users by April.
  • However, Meta has faced difficulties with previous endeavors to introduce standalone apps resembling competitors, as seen with the unsuccessful launch of Lasso, which aimed to rival TikTok. In response, Meta has integrated short video functionality directly into Instagram through Reels and scaled down its experimental app design unit as part of cost-cutting measures.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams: 

  • Meta Founders: Mark Zuckerberg;
  • Meta Headquarters: Menlo Park, California, United States;
  • Meta Founded: February 2004, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

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