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Mob Lynching in India- causes, impacts and preventions

What is mob lynching?

Mob lynching refers to the act of violence by a large group of people towards a person. Lynching means to kill someone by a group of people, especially by hanging. Mob lynching is an offense against the human body and property which affects people as a society and as an individual. The mob lynching happens because people believe that the victim who did something wrong is not punished by the law properly and people come together to form a mob and take the law into their own hands to punish the victim.

In India, there are several cases of mob lynching and it has been years that our nation has no control over mob lynching. People are so used to taking the law into their hands that mob lynching has become a common problem in India. During mob lynching, most of the people who are not even involved in the mob are injured.

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Causes of mob lynching

Lack of patience: People are impatient over the acts of law and try to punish the victim by assuming that he or she has done the wrong. They do not wait for the law to legally declare him or her as the culprit.

– Biasness- India has faced mob lynching over Biasness for years. Mob lynching occurs based biasness on caste, religion, etc. For example, India has seen mob lynching of Hindus and Muslims.

Lack of Brisk Justice: People are impatient because the law goes by rules and regulations and does not declare whether the victim is the culprit or not which makes the people angrier and causes mob lynching.

Impacts of mob lynching

  1. Society– It impacts society positively and negatively. Positively, it shows how society can come together for justice and unity in diversity. Similarly, if we talk about the negative aspect, it creates a sense of minority versus majority. It provokes anger between different castes, classes, and religions.
  2. Economy– It impacts the economy in both foreign and domestic investment. The economy is affected when internal migration is hampered due to mob lynching.
  3. Individual– To individuals, it harms physically and mentally. People who get involved in the mob lynching are severely hurt and those who are the reason for the mob lynching also get hurt severely. There is loss of life and property which is against human rights.

Prevention of mob lynching

  1. To protest against cow vigilance civil society has launched the “NOT IN MY NAME” Campaign.
  2. Society has launched a National Camp Against Mob Lynching (NCAML), which makes mob lynching a non-bailable offense.
  3. The spreading of false alarms and false news should be stopped by any kind of media.

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