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Mumbai, Delhi: Most costly cities in India for foreigners

According to a survey, Kolkata is the least costly city in Asia, while Mumbai and Delhi are among the top 40 most expensive cities for expats. Mumbai is the most expensive city in India in terms of both living expenses and lodging costs, according to Mercer’s 2022 Cost of Living assessment. Hyderabad is the most expensive Indian city in the ranking, followed by New Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. The least expensive Indian cities are Pune and Kolkata.

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  • The survey also revealed that global firms frequently set up shop in Mumbai, India’s financial centre. Due to Mumbai’s higher cost of living, businesses are increasingly looking into other low cost cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune.
  • Volatility associated with COVID-19 has disrupted global supply chains for needs, which has been made worse by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
  • Organizations have been compelled to reevaluate their global mobility projects as a result of this uncertainty, with a focus on the welfare of their expatriate personnel, balanced with economics and the dramatically rising inflation in the majority of countries worldwide.
  • The study identifies factors that affect daily expenditures, such as the fact that among the evaluated Indian cities, Kolkata has the cheapest prices for items like milk, bread, veggies, etc., while Mumbai and New Delhi have the most expensive prices.
  • The cost of residential utilities is highest in Mumbai and lowest in Chennai and Hyderabad when it comes to energy, phone costs, etc. Mumbai has the highest ticket prices for movies, while Hyderabad has the lowest.
  • In a review examining the housing market in India, it was discovered that Hyderabad had the cheapest housing of all the locations looked at. When the cost of housing and the cost of living are both taken into account, Hyderabad is more expensive than Pune and Kolkata.

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