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Nagarnar Steel Plant Makes History with Swift Hot Rolled Coil Production, Just 9 Days After Hot Metal Commencement

In a remarkable feat that’s reverberating through steel circles, the Nagarnar Steel Plant has achieved an unprecedented milestone. A mere 9 days after commencing hot metal production, the plant has successfully rolled out its inaugural Hot Rolled (HR) Coil. This achievement by NMDC, a mining major stepping into steel production, is indeed astonishing and underscores the plant’s technological prowess.

A State-of-the-Art Venture

Built at a staggering cost of around ₹24,000 crores, the Nagarnar Steel Plant boasts a substantial capacity of 3 million tonnes per annum. This venture stands out for its cutting-edge approach, particularly evident in its advanced Mill technology. The plant’s competitive edge is further bolstered by its strategic proximity to the Bailadila mines, situated a mere 100 kms away, ensuring a steady supply of iron ore.

Diverse Product Mix

The Nagarnar Steel Plant’s product portfolio encompasses an array of steel types, including low carbon steel, High-Strength Low-Alloy (HSLA) steel, Dual Phase Steel, and API quality steel. Impressively, this range can be rolled to thicknesses spanning 1mm to 16mm. The plant’s Thin Slab caster, capable of rolling HR at an impressive width of 1650 mm, stands as the widest Mill in the public sector. The HR Coils, Sheets, and Plates emerging from this ultramodern mill are poised to meet the escalating demand for top-quality HR in diverse sectors.

Fuelling Industries

The plant’s output is slated to be integral in the fabrication of various essential structures, including LPG cylinders, bridges, ships, steel structures, large diameter pipes, storage tanks, railway wagons, boilers, and pressure vessels. Furthermore, its contribution extends to the production of items such as tanks, railway cars, bicycle frames, military and engineering equipment, automobile components, and wheels. Notably, the plant is also gearing up to produce specialized steel for generators, motors, transformers, and automobiles in the near future.

A Singular Achievement

The Nagarnar Steel Plant has etched its name in history by becoming the sole steel plant initiated by a mining company on an international scale. The plant’s recent feat in rolling out the inaugural Hot Rolled coil just 9 days after the initiation of hot metal production is setting new benchmarks. This achievement gains further significance considering the meticulous testing of Mills and the simultaneous preparations for blast furnace commissioning.

Accelerated Commercialization for a Strong Start

Ordinarily, green-field steel plants encounter significant losses in their initial year. However, Nagarnar Steel Plant is poised to defy this trend through its accelerated approach to commercialization. With the HR Coil production commencing, the plant is swiftly stabilizing its production processes, with the aim of minimizing, if not entirely offsetting, the typical first-year losses.

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