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Reliance Retail Launches ‘Yousta’ Fashion Stores; First Outlet In Hyderabad

Reliance Retail, the retail arm of billionaire Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Ltd, has taken a significant step in the fashion retail sector with the introduction of its new brand, Yousta. The brand’s debut was marked by the opening of its flagship store in Hyderabad’s Sarath City Mall. This move is set to revolutionize the retail market by catering to the fashion needs of the youth segment while offering contemporary, technology-enabled shopping experiences.

Affordable Fashion for the Youth

Yousta is positioned as a youth-centric fashion retail format that embraces contemporary trends and offers them at affordable prices. The brand recognizes the purchasing power and preferences of young consumers, aiming to provide them with high-fashion options that won’t break the bank.

In line with this approach, all products within the Yousta range are priced below Rs 999, and a majority of them are available for less than Rs 499. This pricing strategy is poised to resonate with budget-conscious young shoppers.

Yousta: Evolving with India’s Youth, Empowering Expressions

Yousta embodies a way of life that will develop in tandem with the nation’s younger generation. The brand is dedicated to consistently involving itself with India’s youth, comprehending their ever-changing fashion desires. The brand is committed to empowering and granting a voice to young individuals, affording them the liberty to openly express their uniqueness.

Tech-Enabled Shopping Experience

Yousta’s retail outlets are designed to merge fashion with technology seamlessly. The stores incorporate various tech-touch points that enhance the shopping experience. These include QR-enabled screens that facilitate information sharing, self-checkout counters for convenient transactions, and charging stations for customers’ electronic devices. This integration of technology aligns with the digital habits and expectations of today’s youth, creating an engaging and efficient shopping environment.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Beyond its focus on fashion, Yousta demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. The brand has partnered with a non-profit organization to provide customers with the opportunity to donate their old clothes at the stores. These donated items will then be utilized for community-focused programs. This initiative reflects Yousta’s dedication to making a positive impact beyond the realm of fashion.

Accessible via Online Platforms

In addition to its physical store presence, Yousta’s fashion range is also accessible to customers through online platforms. The brand’s offerings can be explored and purchased on Ajio, an e-commerce platform, and JioMart, a digital grocery and lifestyle shopping platform. This multi-channel approach ensures that the youth can conveniently engage with Yousta’s fashion offerings, both in physical stores and in the digital realm.

Qatar Investment Authority’s Stake in Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd

In parallel with the launch of Yousta, Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd (RRVL) has secured a substantial investment from the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA). A wholly-owned subsidiary of QIA will acquire a 1 percent stake in RRVL by investing Rs 8,278 crore ($1 billion). The QIA’s investment underscores the confidence and interest of international investors in Reliance Retail’s growth and potential.

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  • President and CEO of Fashion and Lifestyle at Reliance Retail: Akhilesh Prasad

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