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Nandini Dairy to Sponsor for Scotland for T20 World Cup

In a proud moment for Kannadigas and dairy farmers in Karnataka, the Scotland cricket team has unveiled its new ICC T20 World Cup jersey adorned with the Karnataka Milk Federation’s (KMF) Nandini logo. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone, bridging the worlds of cricket and dairy in a unique partnership.

The Nandini Logo

The Nandini logo, a household name in Karnataka, takes pride of place on the leading arm of the Scotland cricket team’s jersey, with representations in both English and Kannada. This integration not only showcases Karnataka’s rich dairy heritage but also celebrates linguistic diversity on the global stage.

T20 World Cup Sponsorship

Nandini’s sponsorship of the Scotland and Ireland teams in the forthcoming T20 World Cup reflects a substantial investment in cricketing endeavors. With a sponsorship amounting to approximately Rs 2.5 crore per team, KMF demonstrates its commitment to supporting sports and promoting its brand on an international platform.

Global Expansion

In tandem with the T20 World Cup sponsorship, KMF is set to launch Nandini Splash, a whey-based energy drink, in the US market during the tournament. This strategic move underscores Nandini’s ambition to expand its reach beyond borders and establish itself as a global brand synonymous with excellence and purity.

Political Endorsement

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah commended the initiative, emphasizing its role in showcasing the state’s high-quality dairy products and the dedication of its farmers to a global audience. He expressed confidence in Nandini’s ability to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide during the World Cup.

Cricket Scotland’s Perspective

Claire Drummond, Commercial Manager of Cricket Scotland, expressed delight at the partnership with Nandini, citing it as a testament to the global appeal of Scottish cricket. As the Scotland team gears up to compete against cricketing giants at the World Cup, the collaboration with Nandini adds a layer of prestige and significance to their campaign.

Nandini’s Vision

M K Jagadish, Managing Director of KMF, articulated the brand’s vision of leveraging the World Cup platform to introduce Nandini to a global audience of cricket enthusiasts. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in Nandini’s journey towards international recognition and underscores its commitment to providing nutritious and quality dairy products worldwide.

Upcoming Matches

Scotland’s T20 World Cup journey kicks off with a Group B encounter against England on June 4 in Barbados, followed by a match against Namibia. With the Nandini logo emblazoned on their jerseys, the Scotland team is poised to showcase their skills and proudly represent their nation on the world stage.

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