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National Games 2023 Schedule, Date and Venues

National Games of India Schedule

The National Games of India premier multi-sport event that draws inspiration from the Olympics, is set to commence in Goa. Originally designated as the host for the 36th edition of these Games, Goa had to relinquish its role to Gujarat in 2022 due to multiple COVID-19-related postponements. Now, the spotlight is once again on Goa as it welcomes over 10,000 athletes from across the country for this grand sporting extravaganza.

Sport Dates Venue
Cycling (Track Race) November 2-5 Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex, New Delhi
Golf November 5-9 Delhi Golf Club, Delhi
Gymnastics October 23-28 Peddem Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium, Mapusa
Billiards & Snookers October 27-30 Badminton Hall, Peddem Sports Complex, Mapusa
Rowing October 28-November 1 Chapora River, Mapusa
Hockey October 30-November 8 Hockey Ground, Peddem Sports Complex, Mapusa
Boxing November 1-8 Peddem Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium, Mapusa
Shooting November 2-9 Mendrem Shooting Range, Mapusa
Canoeing & Kayaking November 4-7 Chapora River, Mapusa
Basketball October 23-28 Manohar Parrikar Indoor Stadium, Navelim, Margao
Beach Football October 28-November 1 Colva Beach, Margao
Football (Men) October 30-November 8 PJN Stadium, Fatorda, Margao
Rollball October 30-November 2 Manohar Parrikar Indoor Stadium, Navelim, Margao
Sepak Takraw October 30-November 3 Fatorda Multi-Purpose Hall, Margao
Lawn Tennis October 30-November 5 Multi-Purpose Ground, Fatorda, Margao
Handball November 4-8 Manohar Parrikar Indoor Stadium, Navelim, Margao
Sqay Martial Arts November 6-8 Fatorda Multi-Purpose Hall, Margao
Badminton October 19-24 S.P.M Stadium, Goa University, Panjim
Netball October 22-27 Campal Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium, Panjim
Weightlifting October 25-29 Campal Open Ground, Panjim
Rugby October 25-27 Athletics Stadium, Bambolim, Panjim
Dragon Boat October 26-29 Campal Open Ground, Panjim
Mallakhamb October 26-28 Campal Open Ground, Panjim
Fencing October 26-30 SPM Stadium, Goa University, Panjim
Beach Handball October 28-November 1 Miramar Beach, Varca Beach, Panjim
Aquatics October 29-November 4 Swimming Pool Campal, Panjim
Athletics October 29-November 3 Athletics Stadium, Bambolim, Panjim
Table Tennis October 29-November 2 Campal Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium, Panjim
Gatka October 31-November 2 Campal Open Ground, Panjim
Mini Golf November 1-3 Miramar Beach, Panjim
Wrestling November 1-3 Campal Open Ground, Panjim
Wushu November 1-4 Campal Open Ground, Panjim
Volleyball November 1-5 S.P.M Stadium, Goa University, Panjim
Rowing (Coastal/Tidal Sport) November 3-6 Hawai Beach, Dona Paula, Panjim
Yachting November 3-8 Hawaii Beach, Dona Paula, Panjim
Beach Volleyball November 4-7 Miramar Beach, Varca Beach, Panjim
Kabaddi November 4-8 Campal Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium, Panjim
Triathlon November 4-7 Caranzalem – Miramar Road, Panjim
Lagori November 5-6 Campal Open Ground, Panjim
Yogasana November 5-9 Campal Open Ground, Panjim
Judo November 6-8 Campal Open Ground, Panjim
Kalaripayattu November 7-8 Campal Open Ground, Panjim
Modern Pentathlon October 26-29 Ponda Swimming Pool, Ponda
Archery October 29-November 6 Goa Engineering Collage, Farmagudi, Ponda
Taekwondo October 31- November 3 Ponda Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium, Ponda
Kho-Kho November 4-8 Ponda Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium, Ponda
Football (Women) October 27-November 5 Tilak Maidan Football Ground, Vasco
Lawn Bowls November 1-8 Chicalim Multi-Purpose Ground, Vasco
Squash November 1-5 Chicalim Squash Facility, Vasco
Cycling (Road Race) November 8-9 Verna – Birla Bypass Airport Road, Vasco
Pencak Silat October 26-29 Campal Open Ground, Panjim

Goa National Games 2023 Schedule

The origin of the National Games of India can be traced back to the British colonial period, approximately a century ago, when India was under British rule. If you’re interested in the upcoming prominent national sporting event, we recommend reading the complete articles provided below. These articles provide a comprehensive overview and schedule of the Indian National Games in 2023. The games are set to commence on October 25th and conclude on November 9th.

Event National Games 2023
Start date 25 October 2023
End date 09 November 2023
Edition 37th (first time in GOA)
Venue GOA (different cities mentioned below)
States 28
Athletes 10,000+
Games Discipline 43

National Games 2023 Venue

The 37th National Games have been officially scheduled to commence on October 25, 2023, and they will run for an exciting 16 days, concluding on November 9, 2023. This prestigious sporting event will be hosted across five Goan cities: Mapusa, Margao, Panjim, Ponda, and Vasco. Importantly, this marks the first time that the National Games will be held in Goa. Notably, Goa was initially selected to host the 36th edition, originally planned for 2016, but due to several delays, Gujarat hosted it the previous year. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Golf and cycling events will take place in New Delhi. The upcoming National Games will feature various sports, including Kho, yogasana, and mallakhamb, making their debut in the National Games arena.

City Venues
Vasco – Tilak Maidan Football Ground
– Chicalim Multi-Purpose Ground
– Chicalim Squash Facility
– Verna-Birla Bypass Airport Road
Ponda – Ponda Swimming Pool – Indoor – Ground
– Goa Engineering College, Farmagudi
– Ponda Multi-Purpose Stadium
Panjim – Hawai Beach, Dona Paula
– Cambal Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium
– Campal Open Ground (Campal Sports Village)
– Miramar Beach, Varca Beach
– Swimming Pool Campal
– Hawai Beach, Dona Paula
– Athletics Stadium, Bambolim
Margao – Colva Beach
– Fatorda
– PJN Stadium
– Multi-Purpose Hall
– Multi-Purpose Ground
– Manohar Parrikar Indoor Stadium, Navelim
Mapusa – Peddem Sports Complex
– Indoor Stadium
– Hockey Ground
– Badminton Hall
– Mendrem Shooting Range
– Chapora River
New Delhi – Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex
– Delhi Golf Club

National Games of India-History

The National Games of India, which have evolved into a significant sporting event in India, have a storied history dating back to 1924 when they were first held in Lahore, undivided India. Initially known as the Indian Olympic Games, they were rebranded in 1938 as the National Games. Over the years, these Games have grown in stature and significance, becoming a platform for India’s talented athletes to showcase their prowess.

A Grand Gathering of Athletes:

This edition of the National Games in Goa promises to be a grand spectacle with an impressive turnout of over 10,000 athletes, marking a substantial increase from the previous edition hosted in Gujarat. These athletes will compete in a total of 43 sports, encompassing both indoor and outdoor competitions, making it a diverse and inclusive event.

  • The National Games this year will witness the inclusion of several unique sports in its program. Sqay martial arts, rollball, sepaktakraw, kalaripayattu, pencak silat, and mini golf have been added to the roster, offering a diverse range of competitions. Additionally, yachting and taekwondo, which were excluded in the 2022 edition in Gujarat, will make a comeback in Goa, further enhancing the event’s appeal.
  • The National Games 2023 will see athletes from 28 states, eight Union Territories, and the Services Sports Control Board (SSCB) compete in various disciplines. This wide representation adds to the diversity and vibrancy of the event, creating a true pan-Indian spectacle.
  • The National Games provide a platform for athletes to exhibit their exceptional talents, and the competition is expected to be fierce. The Games will conclude on November 9, after several days of intense sporting action.

36th National Games, Defending Champion

In the 2022 edition of the National Games, the Services emerged as the reigning champions, securing their fourth consecutive title. They bagged an impressive 128 medals, comprising 61 golds, 35 silvers, and 32 bronzes. Notably, a total of 29 teams managed to secure at least one gold medal in the 2022 edition, underscoring the remarkable depth of talent in India’s sporting landscape.

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