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National Health Claim Exchange

The Ministry and IRDAI are launching the National Health Claim Exchange (NHCX), a digital platform which will bring together insurance companies, healthcare sector service providers and government insurance scheme administrators.

What is National Health Claim Exchange?

The Health Claim Exchange Specification is a communication protocol that facilitates the seamless exchange of health claim information between payers (insurance companies, TPAs, government scheme administrators), providers (hospitals, labs, polyclinics), beneficiaries, and other entities. It is designed to be interoperable, machine-readable, auditable, and verifiable, ensuring accurate and trustworthy information exchange.

  • It is an open standard-based communication protocol.
  • It aligns with IRDAI’s goal of ‘Insurance for All by 2047’ and will support streamlined, paperless, and secure interactions between hospitals and insurers.
  • Industry experts note that the platform will bring uniform data presentation and centralized validation of claims, leading to a more standardized approach to healthcare pricing.
  1. This will improve efficiency, predictability, and transparency in healthcare costs.

What are the challenges?

Health insurance contributes to approximately 29% of the total general insurance premium income in India. The primary hurdle in health insurance today lies in improving the relationship between hospitals and insurance companies, said Dr. Prakash, adding that the push towards digitisation requires active involvement from both parties, necessitating upgrades to current IT systems and enhanced workforce training. “Issues such as discharge delays and miscommunication between hospitals and insurers further complicate matters. Building trust among policyholders hinges on delivering efficient services.

  • The NHCX portal aims to streamline the claims process by bringing all stakeholders onto one platform, reducing claim times and standardising procedures.
  • While challenges like data breaches are being effectively tackled, the NHCX stands as an ongoing benefit for all involved, facilitating smoother operations within the healthcare space.


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