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National Press Day 2023 Observed On 16 November

National Press Day 2023

National Press Day, observed on November 16 every year in India, holds significance in acknowledging the vital role of a free and responsible press in a democratic society. The day commemorates the establishment of the Press Council of India (PCI), which acts as a regulatory body for the news media in the country. It serves as a reminder of the crucial contribution of the press to the democratic fabric of India.

National Press Day serves as a crucial occasion to reflect on the role of the press in a democratic society and to appreciate the efforts of journalists in upholding journalistic values. As India celebrates this day, it reaffirms the commitment to a free, responsible, and ethical press, emphasizing its integral role in preserving the democratic ethos of the nation.

National Press Day 2023 Theme

National Press Day with the theme “Media in the Era of Artificial Intelligence,”.

National Press Day, History and Significance

National Press Day traces its roots to the establishment of the Press Council of India in 1966, underlining the historical and cultural importance of the press in democratic societies. The PCI, a statutory body, was re-established in 1979 to uphold the freedom of the press and enhance journalistic standards. The day highlights the need for ethical journalism, emphasizing truth, accuracy, and fairness as core values.

The significance of National Press Day lies in promoting and safeguarding the freedom of the press, which is integral to the functioning of a democratic nation. It serves as a platform to celebrate the achievements of the press while addressing the challenges it faces. The occasion underscores the role of the press in upholding democratic values and fostering transparency.

National Press Day Observance and Activities

On National Press Day, various events and activities are organized nationwide to discuss and promote the importance of a free and unbiased press. It is a day to honor journalists and media professionals for their exemplary work in promoting transparency, democracy, and social justice. The celebration also provides an opportunity to address the challenges faced by the media industry.

National Press Day 2023 Theme:

While the theme for National Press Day 2023 has not been declared yet, the Press Council of India typically releases a specific theme each year. These themes focus on highlighting the significance of a free and independent press in India. The chosen theme becomes a focal point for discussions and activities during the celebrations.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams: 

  • Press Council of India Headquarters: New Delhi;
  • Press Council of India Founder: Parliament of India;
  • Press Council of India Founded: 4 July 1966, India.
  • Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai is chairman of the council .

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