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National Security Day 2023 observed on 04th March

National Security Day 2023 observed on 04th March_4.1

National Security Day 2023

India celebrates National Security Day on March 4 every year. Rashtriya Suraksha Diwas is another name for it, and it is a holiday honouring the Indian Security Forces. The purpose of the National Security Day is to express gratitude to our nation’s security forces, which include the police, paramilitary units, guards, commandos, army officers, and other units involved in preserving the safety and security of our citizens. They spread awareness about numerous tragedies and issues that Indian leaders and individuals need to be informed about. They hope to educate people about many topics during the week-long event and try to improve the lives of their inhabitants.

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National Security Day 2023: Theme

The National Safety Council of India announced the theme for this year to be ‘Nurture young minds – Develop safety culture’. The NSC announces a new theme for the year to celebrate the week-long celebration.

Objectives of National Security Day

  1. Prioritise safety and health in work and general lifestyle
  2. Spread the SHE movement
  3. Inspire many to promote safety in the workplace
  4. Gain involvement of major players of various industrial sectors
  5. Ensure a higher rate of employees’ participation

National Security Day: History

The idea of National Security Day or National Safety Day was launched in 1972 and is organised every year. The NSC or the National Safety Council takes responsibility for managing the event every year. The Safety Council was founded by the Ministry of Labour on March 4, 1966, to develop sustainable Safety, Health and Environment movement.

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